Mexico Speech Team receives multiple awards at the Rockbridge Invitational Saturday, February 18th, 2017.

Here is the list of winners!

In Prose...
Leon Brown 6th
Abbygail Deihl 5th
Aurora Schneider 3rd

In Poetry...
Kylie Yeast 2nd 

In Dramatic...
Kylie 1st
Leon 4th
Maddie 6th

In Humorous...
Andrew Kristofferson 1st

In Storytelling...
Riley Given 2nd 
Aurora 4th

In Duet...
Andrew and Riley 1st

In oratory...
Brooke Ransom 1st

In Extemporaneous...
Brooke 6th

In Lincoln-Douglas DEBATE 
Leon 3rd
Brooke 1st

Alie Finch semi-finalist in Poetry