Jeff Anderson, Activities Director/Vice Principal, Mexico High School

Melissa Chastain, Principal, Hawthorne Elementary

Amber Crane, Principal, Eugene Field Elementary Schol

Chris Denham, Principal, Hart Career Center/Mexico Education Center

Jo Ann Diffenderfer, Public Relations Coordinator/Bright Futures Coordinator

Brad Ellebracht, Assistant Principal, Mexico High School

Joyce Fenner, Director of Food Service

Deborah J. Hill-Haag, Principal, Mexico Middle School

Dana Hunt, Technology Director

Curtis Jackson, Director of Operations

Julie Lower, Assistant Principal, Mexico Middle School

Rebecca Moppin, Principal, McMillan Elementary School 

Dr. Larry Nelson, Assistant Superintendent

Stephanie Norris, Business Manager

Desiree Pezley, Assistant Principal, Eugene Field Elementary

Dr. Terry Robinson, Principal, Mexico High School

Brandon Schafer, Assistant Principal, Hawthorne Elementary

Emily Schmidt, Director, Special Education/Early Childhood Education

Dr. Zachary Templeton, Superintendent