Transportation of students in the Mexico School District is an essential part of the educational experience for many youngsters.  State statutes and regulations as well as District policies are adopted to ensure the safety of students being transported.  This requires the cooperation of everyone connected with transportation including bus drivers, administrators, teachers, parents and students.

Only those students who meet eligibility requirements by means of residence will be permitted to use school bus transportation for the purpose of travel to and from school.  Students living one mile or more from school will be entitled to free bus transportation to and from school.  Transportation for a student with a disability will be provided should the determination be made that such transportation is necessary.  If a student lives less than a mile from school, a parent/guardian may contract with the District for paid transportation provided there is available space on the bus.  The cost is $20 for one way or $40 for both ways per month.  Buses will not be re-routed to accommodate paid riders.

---Bus Passes 

o Only eligible bus riders (living more than 1 mile from domicile school) will be 

o Bus passes are intended to accommodate for an emergency situation only. 

**** 9/2/15 update: Due to maximum capacity of our school buses, the district is unable to issue bus passes at this time without  advance notice of 48 hours.  Passes may be granted based upon space availability for eligible bus riders in emergency cases.  Please call the transportation office at 581-3773 ext.  2405 to request a bus pass.***

o Parents must notify the school office by 1:30 for any bus changes or bus allowed a bus pass.  Please check with the transportation office to make sure there is availability prior to requesting a pass from the school.Passes may be denied for birthday parties or weekend friend visits.  

o Parents must notify the school office by 1:30 for any bus changes or bus passes. 

---Bus stop address changes

o Please have the transportation request form filled out completely and returned to your school with the necessary proof of address document if  one has not already been provided to the school.  Allow 24 hours before the change will become effective if the bus stop is already on the current route of the newly assigned bus.  Allow a 2 day notice if a new bus stop has to be reated to accommodate a new address.  (this will be mostly country routes) The transportation office will notify you of start date.


Updated November, 2014


Canceling School

--Every effort will be made to cancel by 6 a.m. However, this will not always be possible, so 

cancellations may occur later.

--Announcement will be made via regular media outlets, by the school calling system, on 

the school website ( and on the district's Facebook page (Mexico 

School District 59). 

--School days canceled in their entirety will be made up in accordance with the school 

calendar. (A copy of the calendar is available at 

(download 14-15 calendar on the right side of the page).

Delayed/Late Start

--When a late start day is declared, the time of the late start will be announced after 

determination of road conditions. A late start is intended to give road/travel conditions 

time to improve.

--Buses may run regular bus routes, or on blacktop roads only, with this announcement 

made in conjunction with the late start announcement.

--No breakfast will be served. Lunch menus are subject to change.

--Mexico Education Center (MEC) and Early Childhood Center (ECC) will hold afternoon 

classes only on late start days.

--At Hart Career Center, Mexico students will follow the late start schedule with the rest of 

the district. Sending schools will make their own determination of attendance. HCC staff 

will be on site to receive sending school students.

Schools will dismiss at the regular time on these days.

Early Dismissal

--Classes will be dismissed early in the event of changing weather that potentially impacts 

the safety of students.

--Normal early dismissal times are 12:30 p.m. for elementary and middle school students; 

12:45 p.m. for high school students.

--MEC and ECC will hold classes only in the morning of early dismissal days.

Buses on blacktop roads only

--The district may opt to run buses on blacktop roads only due to road conditions.