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Assessment Plan

The district’s local assessment plan includes all components as specified in the process standards of the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP). In compliance to the standard, the district’s local assessment plan includes:

· a description of tests included in the district-wide assessment program, the purpose of each, and how the results will be used;
· guidelines for including students with special needs into the state and district-wide assessment programs;
· a description of how and in what subjects the district is assessing the Show-Me Standards which are not assessed by the Grade Level Testing;
· a description of how assessment results will be used and disseminated;
· guidelines for staff development in relation to state and local assessment;
· guidelines for teaching test-taking strategies;
· a test-security policy.

The district’s local assessment plan includes two additional components. One component addresses motivation of students to do well on state and district tests. The inclusion of this component provides some sense of direction for possible ways and means of motivating students. The second added component is a written record of decisions made as a result of data review and analysis. It is the feeling of the district that the anecdotal accounting of the use of data will ensure that decision-making is the result of careful and purposeful data analysis.

Process and Involvement: The district used varied processes to develop the different components of the local assessment plan. Representatives from the district attended a workshop on how to create a local assessment plan. The district used some ideas from this workshop and input received from various entities within the district to create its local assessment plan. At some point in the process, the district used input from teachers, administrators, parents, the school board/community, and students to develop its local assessment plan. It is the belief of the district that the local assessment plan reflects local autonomy and will bring about valued outcomes.


MPS Assessment Plan 2022-23