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Health Services

Health Services

Director of Health Services: Kronesha Belcher


2101 Lakeview Road, Mexico

(573) 581-3773 ext



McMillan Early Learning Center

(573) 581-5029 ext 2502


Eugene Field Elementary

(573) 581-5268 ext 2302


Hawthorne Elementary

Kim Walden

(573) 581-3064 ext 2802


Mexico Middle School

Kronesha Belcher

(573) 581-4664 ext 2802


Mexico High School

Maria Bickell

(573) 581-429+6 ext 3002

District Wellness Program

2023-24 Wellness Committee Members

  • Brooke Biggers
  • Joyce Fenner
  • Kim Costley
  • Sarah Gooch
  • Ann Runge
  • Christina McCaw
  • Sarah Olson
  • Phoebe Frazer

The district wellness committee consists of at least one parent, student, nurse, or other school health professional, physical education teacher, school food service representative, Board member, school administrator, member of the public, and other community members as appropriate. 

Committee meeting dates and agendas will be posted on the district's website in advance of each meeting and advertised in a manner designed to reach students, staff and members of the community.  Agendas can be located under the District Wellness Program Agendas/Meeting Notes/Assessment Updates. Students, staff and members of the community are encouraged to provide input on the district’s wellness program.

​Anyone interested in participating in the development, implementation or review of the wellness program can do so by contacting the following individuals, who are the designated officials in charge of policy compliance: Food Services Director or District Head Nurse at 573-581-3773.